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Books and Audio Courses

By Lucy Draper-Clarke

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The Compassionate Activist

Lucy's new book is for all those who see activism as a relational practice built on an ethic of care. It calls for engagement inspired by love not hate, and the mobilisation of communities through solidarity not separation.

Each chapter of this journey book offers ideas and practices from contemplative science and Buddhist philosophy to inspire inner reflection and outer action. Mindfulness meditations, engagement challenges and shadow work reflections are introduced to develop skills and insight.

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Communicating with Compassion and Clarity

This 10-session audio course was written and narrated by Lucy Draper-Clarke and Felicity Joan Hart.


It is a course for everyone who yearns to communicate in ways that build connection and will help those of you who wish to heal from painful past experiences. When interacting with others, you may have found yourself triggered and then spoken and acted in ways that caused hurt or harm – to yourself, the other, or the relationship between you. 

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Transforming the World from Within

We are facing three concurrent crises: the climate crisis, a mental and physical health crisis and a crisis of consciousness. What can we do?


This 10-session audio course, written and narrated by Lucy, explores ideas and practices around Compassionate Activism, drawn from the ancient wisdom traditions, psychology and neuroscience. The central focus is the archetype of the spiritual warrior, who has the courage to face their inner and outer worlds - both the light and the shadow. By cultivating compassionate awareness through meditation, we can then act in the world with greater skill and resilience.


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Finding Joy in Life through Intention Setting

This 10 session audio course offers instruction and contemplations to cultivate receptivity, through intention and attention. It explores core feelings, to create an ideal future, while allowing changes of direction. You will also learn how to find balance, stay motivated and transform obstacles, when things get sticky. Finally, you will explore pure intentions and daily practices, to help you live with joy and meaning.

I developed this course over 10 years, during the New Year Intention Retreats that I have run since 2010. Over 2600 people have taken the course on Insight Timer!

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