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1. My doctoral research focused on the use of mindfulness training in Teacher Education, particularly in its ability to alleviate stress and its potential to improve teachers' presence in the classroom. It is available online through the University of the Witwatersrand library, entitled "From Student to Teacher: Finding Mindful Ways to Grow in the Face of Stress":

2. Stress and coping among student teachers at a South African university: An exploratory study, has now been published on Taylor & Francis Online and is in the Journal of Psychology in Africa, Issue 6. Eprint link:

3. "Evaluation of a Mindfulness Training Programme for Student Teachers", was published by the Oxford University Press for the South African Education Research Association Conference, 2013:
SAERA Conference Proceedings

4. Poster presentation at the Mind & Life Summer Research Institute, June 2016, entitled: "Student Teachers in South Africa: Using Mindfulness and Compassion to Grow in the Face of Stress." Click here to download the poster.

5. Presentation to the WiSER Neuro Reading Group, June 2016: "Compassion - Application for Human Service Professionals". Click here to download the PDF.

6. Poster presentation at the European Mind & Life Summer Research Institute, August 2018, entitled: "Strengthening the Reflexive in Critical Praxis: Exploring a Contemplative Compassionate Pedagogy."

7.  Journal article exploring self-compassion, compassion for others and altruistic behaviour, published in the South African Journal of Higher Education (SAJHE): "Compassion-based Mindfulness Training in Teacher Education: The Impact on Student Teachers at a South African University"  

8. Poster presentation at the Mind & Life Summer Research Institute, June 2019, entitled: "African Contemplative Practices for Healing the Past, for Transforming the Present and for Future Flourishing."

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