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Mindfulness Mentorship

We come to meditation with different intentions and needs.


Perhaps you...

  • are feeling overwhelmed by thoughts, cannot sleep or are constantly on edge?

  • are trying to be a good parent or leader or friend, but keep losing your temper?

  •  have experienced brief moments of clarity and inner peace and are yearning for more?

  •  have a meditation practice and now want to share your experience with members of your family or community?

Your aspirations could be divided into three categories:

  • Self Regulation

  • Self Exploration

  • Self Liberation 

The support road map outlined below is designed to offer you what is relevant right now, and guide you to take the next step. I am here to help.

Image by Aiden Craver

Self Regulation

I offer foundational practices to down regulate your nervous system, and help you to return to a place of balance and ease.

Self Exploration

I'll support you in becoming aware of your habit patterns, and deciding which ones to cultivate and which to release.

Self Liberation

With committed practice, you can move beyond a sense of ego-centric identity and start holding space for others.

​Self Regulation

  • I can offer foundational practices that down regulate your nervous system, and help you to return to a place of greater balance and ease.

  • Our mental health can feel so fragile, particularly when we realize how little control we really have over our lives. These practices are life-savers.

  • I have uploaded a selection of pre-recorded practices (below). I hope these can benefit you. The video entitled 'Struggling to Meditate' might be a good place to start. You are welcome to share the links with others.

  • For a single session, the cost is R600 / hour. For a series of sessions, please email me if a discount would make the support more accessible to you.

  • Book here for a discounted 30 minute introductory session to establish the road map that will work best for you.

Self Regulation