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Expressive Movement

Expressive Movement is a somatic meditation, enabling a greater sense of presence and freedom. With music, and through a moving mindfulness practice, we are able to activate conscious awareness, creative action and authentic connection. The five phase practice, founded by Sian Palmer (@dancingsian) begins with a gentle warm up, and then moves through a deeper listening into our present experience, expressing what is moving through us, and then releasing, dreaming into new possibilities, and finally opening to a sense of integration.


#ThursdayExpressions is your weekly invitation to dance at St Columba's Church in Parkview. I teach on the second Thursday each of month, alongside a team of facilitators. In this 90 minute class, I will guide you to follow your body’s way through an Expressive Movement Wave using a curated music set. These weekly classes have been hosted since Expressive Movement’s conception in 2009 and are home to a growing community of dancers.


Join us to dance every Thursday from 6:30pm to 8pm. All are welcome. No previous experience is needed. We were made to dance.


Investment: R80 Scholarship Rate R120 Full Exchange; R160 Sponsoring you and a Scholarship dancer.
Bookings: Quicket Thursday Expressions


To find out more about Expressive Movement, to meet your dance facilitators and to stay informed about other Expressive Movement offerings, visit the EM website and follow us on Instagram and Facebook. See you on the dance floor!

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