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A 10-session audio course created and narrated by Lucy Draper-Clarke and Felicity Joan Hart.



This is a course for everyone who yearns to communicate in ways that build connection. It will also help those of you who wish to heal from painful past experiences. When interacting with others, you may have found yourself triggered and then spoken and acted in ways that caused hurt or harm – to yourself, the other, or the relationship between you. This Compassionate Communication course draws on the principles of non-violent communication as developed by Dr Marshall Rosenberg. Coupled with the powerful practices of mindfulness and compassion, you will learn skills to address these very human challenges.


Each session is 15 minutes long, combining instruction and a meditation practice. Please listen to the Introduction on this link or go straight to the Checkout by pressing the Add to Cart button.


Day 1: Mindful Awareness

This first session explores how mindful awareness and compassion practices can help you apply the principles of non-violent communication (NVC) when you need them most. 


Day 2: Jackal Language

We look at how jackal language shows up in everyday life and why we tend to default to unskillful communication. 

Day 3: Giraffe Language

Heart-centered Giraffe language is the essence of compassionate communication and includes the four steps and four foundations found within NVC. 


Day 4: Observations

The willingness to observe without judgement is a high form of intelligence and one of the key capacities we develop when communicating compassionately.


Day 5:  Feelings

You will have an opportunity to develop awareness around feelings and distinguish them from interpretations. 


Day 6: Compassion for Difficult Feelings

As you open more to your feelings, this session offers encouragement, reassurance, and comfort. Self-compassion is a way to allow for a deeper understanding of your feelings and needs. 


Day 7: Needs

Everyone experiences needs and our actions are usually in service of our needs. You will explore questions and non-violent principles to reveal your needs and build the courage to express them.


Day 8: Making Requests

Dr Rosenberg taught that the clearer we are about what we want, the more likely we are to get it.  This session offers ways to make skillful requests, composed in positive action language. 


Day 9: Empathy

In this session we’ll explore the quality of empathy within the NVC process. We revisit the three points of connection symbolized by the infinity sign and consider how to practice empathy for yourself and others within this flow. The heart’s consciousness leads the way. 


Day 10:  Golden Threads

In this final session Felicity and Lucy share their personal golden threads of insight. These include the heart qualities of compassion and kindness, the contemplative, mindfulness, and somatic practices that support the steps of NVC, and the steps themselves. We see how the steps can become a ‘friend’, a way to check in with yourself repeatedly, building your capacity for self-awareness and self-compassion. Our closing practice traces the steps of NVC and transforms them into a beautiful meditation, allowing you to drop into a feeling of peace, ease, and comfort as we end our time together.


Please listen to the Introduction on this link or go straight to the Checkout by pressing the Add to Cart button.

Communicating with Compassion and Clarity

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