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Transforming the World from Within: Contemplative Practices for Outward Impact


We are facing 3 concurrent crises: the climate crisis, a mental and physical health crisis and a crisis of consciousness. What can we do?


This course explores ideas and practices around Compassionate Activism, drawn from the ancient wisdom traditions, psychology and neuroscience. The central focus is the archetype of the spiritual warrior, who has the courage to face their inner and outer worlds - both the light and the shadow. By cultivating compassionate awareness through meditation, we can then act in the world with greater skill and resilience.


It is structured as a 10 day course, 15 minutes per day, consisting of ideas, instruction and a meditation practice:


Day 1: Contemplative Engagement

Day 2: Sense of Purpose in Life

Day 3: The Spiritual Warrior

Day 4: Our Warrior Potential

Day 5: Developing the Safety to Face Our Shadow

Day 6: Transforming Difficult Emotions

Day 7: Facing Our Shadow

Day 8: Dimensions of Engagement

Day 9: Compassion in Action

Day 10: Joy as Insurrection


By the end of the course, you will have taken the time for inner reflection in order to inspire outward action. You may have found greater clarity on both what you want to do, and who you want to be, in the world.


Listen to the 3-minute Introduction below.



Emma Mills, Art Psychotherapist, UK

I found this course invaluable in helping me to make sense of my difficult feelings in this time of international crisis. Lucy's steady warm voice felt like a gentle, wise, kind friend. Her extensive mindfulness knowledge  and intuitive insight was so welcome in helping me to navigate myself into calmness and meaning in my inner and outer world. I would highly recommend this course for those seeking wisdom and comfort in these difficult times.


Dr Holle Linnea Wlokas, Renewable Energy Researcher & Consultant, RSA

It finally made me stop and listen. A much needed intervention, that helped me reflect and re-gather. I suspect that I will do the course over and over again to prevent myself from running on empty again.

Transforming the World from Within

  • The zip file contains mp3 audio files for easy download.

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Transforming the World from Within
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