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I am registered with the Department of Home Affairs, to offer Civil Union marriages. These provide the same legal protections as the Marriage Act, but are also available to same-sex couples, and couples who wish to have a spiritual, rather than a religious ceremony.


As Johannesburg's Buddhist marriage officer (Kagyu Samye Dzong, Johannesburg) I can create secular or spiritual services, depending on what feels meaningful to you. I officiate weddings on a donation basis, to ensure that it is affordable for you and recognises my time and experience. If you are a Kagyu Buddhist, then I will happily offer the ceremony free of charge.


  • Pre-wedding counselling using meditation practices, and personalised ceremony.

  • Personalised weekend ceremony, including one or two meetings and/or rehearsal.

  • Simple weekday ceremony in your home in Johannesburg.


Next Steps

Please email me with your full names and ID numbers, and your proposed wedding date, and I will forward you the Getting Married information pack. We will then set up a meeting, in person or online.

Ideas for your Wedding Ceremony

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