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Transforming the World from Within - audio course

During the height of the pandemic, I wondered how best to be of service. Staying home didn't feel enough, yet we were being asked to do just that! For the first five weeks, I offered yoga online, and loved maintaining the social connection with others. Then things started to shift and my caterpillar-self began creating a cocoon. I realized there must be millions of others like me, who love to be actively involved in change, yet were being asked to stay away. My identity was dissolving. So I asked, "What skills do we most need to navigate such strange global shifts?" During this quiet, introspective time, where meditation was the backbone of my days, a new project was born...

Transforming the World from Within is a 10-day (15 mins/day) audio course for change-makers who would like to learn inner practices for outward impact. The pandemic has shown us the reality of our global interconnectedness and when we look deeply, our inner and outer worlds are not always that different, after all.

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This course is for all who wish to be of service in building a more inclusive, cohesive and life-sustaining future. We often fluctuate between hope and despair, or get overwhelmed and feel powerless, when looking at the state of our world. Through the archetype of the Spiritual Warrior, we’ll learn to find inner strength, by facing our shadow aspects. Then we can move into the world with courage and compassion. By living with a clear sense of purpose, we can tap into our innate joy and altruism, perhaps even inspiring others to do the same.


DAY 1: Contemplative Engagement

Contemplative change-makers are seeking to birth a global society that is socially just and ecologically regenerative. In this session, we’ll explore what we can we do, in our individual and collective lives, to be worthy ancestors of the future. More importantly, we ask ourselves, what qualities are needed to engage most skillfully. Two distinct modes of mind are necessary, and we will practice shifting from doing mode to being mode. Cultivating a state of awareness is a creative mode of mind that allows us to solve current problems in our family, society or the world.

DAY 2: Sense of Purpose in Life

This session reveals a guiding truth found in all cultures and religions worldwide. It is known as our calling, raison d’etre, ubizo or svardharma. It asserts that we are happier when we live a purposeful life, using our unique skills, interests and qualifications in the service of others. Through a guided practice, we’ll explore how to find our own purpose. This doesn’t necessarily mean we change what we do in life, but rather change the way we do it. By being clear on our intention, we can benefit both ourselves and others. DAY 3: The Spiritual Warrior

The archetype of the Spiritual Warrior is found in many ancient wisdom traditions. These wise and compassionate beings are awake and aware enough to notice suffering, and courageous enough to take action. They have sufficient inner strength to be vulnerable and stay open to the world around them. Warriors live in the present moment, asking themselves, “What can I do to make this situation better?” We’ll learn about three types of Spiritual Warrior and then practice a meditation for cultivating compassion.

DAY 4: Our Warrior Potential