Reflection on New Year’s Intentions – Looking back to the future

Being something of a planner, I’ve always loved the build up to a new year and the sense of possibility that lies ahead. So, back in 2003, when a friend of mine allowed me to be her life-coaching guinea pig, I learnt ways to hone that planning instinct. We set SMART goals together around things I wanted to do, places I wanted to go, and the way I hoped my career would develop, all based on my foundational values. I was amazed at how quickly these goals seemed to get ticked off. It felt all rather magical, until I realised the principle that by focusing my mind, I was ready to grab hold of opportunities when they arose. There was no room for second-guessing. Once something was on my goal list, unequivocal action soon followed.

Attending a yoga teacher training was one of those goals, so it seemed only right, a few years later, to offer a retreat at the Tara Rokpa Centre, which combined the life coaching elements that had helped me so much, with a weekend of yoga. 2015 will be the sixth year I have run this retre