A Thousand Year Vision

Updated: Aug 28, 2020

With the pandemic putting all plans on hold, it may feel like we’ve been locked up in a prison of the present moment. Our planning brain has been furloughed. Why is this so uncomfortable, when we only ever live in the present moment? Cognitive planning is one of the brain's executive functions, located in the frontal lobe. It is a distinctly human capacity, which can be impaired during stressful times. Do not lose hope, however! This may not be the right time for logical planning, but it could be the perfect time for creative envisioning.

Visioning and setting intentions (as I discuss on retreats) are different from planning and goal setting. They provide a compass rather than a map, and offer us an interesting paradox – the integration of our long-term vision with an attunement to the present moment.

How far ahead can we envision, though? How about 1000 years!

This is certainly what we require right now, as we look at climate change an