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2020 Courses and Retreats

My wish for 2020 is that the courses and retreats I offer can support you in the months ahead. Please browse through the links below, to see what might feel aligned with your current needs.

  1. New Year Intentions Retreat: 24-26 January. Here is a video introduction to the retreat.

  2. Finding Joy in Life through Intention Setting: online course through Insight Timer, designed for those who are unable to attend the Intentions Retreat.

  3. Mindfulness-based Living Course: 28 January – 17 February (6-8pm). This course (or equivalent) is the pre-requisite for the two other courses below.

  4. Compassion-based Living Course: 30 January – 19 February (11am-1pm)

  5. Awareness in Action Course: 30 January – 19 February (6-8pm)

  6. Fierce Compassion Yoga Retreat, with Melanie Castleman 27 – 29 March

  7. Still Action Retreat, with Dr Ela Manga: 30 April – 2 May

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