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Participant Waiver Form

This applies to Meditation Mentoring Appointments and to the 8-week Awareness Training Courses:


I understand that the Heart-Mind Course or Consultation being offered is not a substitute for medical or psychological care. 


I understand that Lucy Draper-Clarke is not a qualified psychologist, psychiatrist, or medical doctor.  Her expertise is based on her own ongoing personal experience as a mindfulness practitioner, her doctoral research, as well as the training she has undergone to teach mindfulness and compassion. 


If I am currently seeing a psychologist, I have discussed my attendance on this course with him/her and s/he has agreed that it is appropriate for me to attend the training.

I confirm that I will notify Lucy of any psychological difficulties, physical difficulties and if I have experienced a traumatic event in the last 6 months, by email.

I agree to inform Lucy of any changes in my health and medical condition.  I understand that there shall be no liability on the mindfulness teacher’s part should I forget to do so.

By signing this release, I hereby waiver and release Lucy Draper-Clarke from any and all liability, past, present and future that I may deem relating to the mindfulness practice.


I agree to use the course materials, both the written and audio, for personal use only.

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