8-week Awareness Training Courses
  • The Mindfulness-based Living Course (MBLC) is the foundational training in mindfulness and self-compassion. You will learn progressive skills through presentations, guided practice and enquiry sessions.

  • After the MBLC, you can choose to focus on further compassion training, with the Compassion-based Living Course.

  • Alternatively, the Awareness in Action course focuses on living your calling, and transforming the world from the inside out. 

Awareness Training Courses
  • Ease trauma and stress through healing arts education methods.

    Starts Oct 7
    5,500 South African rand

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  • An 8-week foundation training to strengthen your mindfulness practice

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  • An 8-week training in compassion for those who have completed the MBLC

    3,000 South African rand
  • Exploring ways to transform the world, from the inside out

    2,500 South African rand
The Art of Intention Setting

This downloadable audio course provides step-by-step guidance for setting intentions, in order to live a life of joy and meaning.

It was developed over 10 years, during Intention Retreats that I have run since 2010, and is available for download from this website, or from the Insight Timer meditation app (on the Member Plus programme).

Please listen to the Introduction here or go straight to the Checkout.

Over 1,800 people have take the course, and some of their comments are given below:

Dania: "This was an awesome course that really put me in a much better headspace during this scary time."


Lauren: "So good!!! Super inspiring and so much wisdom."


Micaela: "Thank you so much for this course, it helped me to understand so many things about myself."

G: "Lovely, loving, methodic guidance... Combines perspectives and frameworks to formulate intentions that lead to happiness instead of possibly self imposed goals that lead to frustration."